One Night Stand Puts This Young Guy In Trouble – Love Sex Robbery #matineemasala

Love sex robbery is #suspense story revolving around a #young #couple who has recently looted somebody. After robbing they plan to stay over at their friend’s place in a remote bungalow, where they meet a #maid and her #husband who is a pervert by nature. In the middle of the night the servant shoots an #mms of the young #girl and shows it to his #wife #munni, who than scolds him. Has the young #couple fallen into a trap? Watch this #thriller to find out

Cast & Crew :
Director: Nadeem Ansari
Producer :Sayed M. Hussain
Music / Sound: Mayank Dureja
Story /Scree Writer/ /Screenplay : Nadeem Ansari
Editor: Shiva Bayappa
Cinematographer:Nadeem Ansari
Cast : Mudasir Bhat, Revathi Acharya, Suresh Yadav, Abhilasha Gaira


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