Will this Indian Girl fights back ?

A career woman was accused of sleeping her way to the top and brutally attacked till she decided to put an end to the torment

Cast & Crew:
Director: Sanjay Mathew
Music / Sound: Anuj Bhatt
Editor: Sanjay Mathew
Cinematographer: Timmanna Hegde

Awards and Achievement :
#WINNER-BEST FILM-PARAJSPARSH-Mumbai Short Film Festival-2015

#WINNER-BEST ACTRESS-PARAJSPARSH-Mumbai Short Film Festival-2015

When Tanu is celebrating her boyfriend’s birthday with their male colleagues, a fun party takes an ugly turn. The enterprising young woman with an international degree is accused of taking shortcut to the top through favors bringing forth the age-old inability of man to accept a capable woman as his equal. As she discovers an equally revolting truth about her own boyfriend and what lows man can stoop to in order to enforce his superiority over woman, Tanu decides enough is enough. She takes matters in her own hands but has it ever been that easy for women?

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